Intelligent life-form design

Twenty years ago, anyone hearing about an automobile that could drive in all directions and read a person’s mind would scoff with disbelief. However, things have changed since then – many abstract ideas once thought to be impossible have been produced, and one of these is the Nissan Pivo 2 concept car. The Pivo 2 takes the term “automobile” to a whole new level. Not only does it get you places, it also provides comfort, thanks to the monkey headed Robotic Agent (RA). In lieu of a driver’s buddy, it acts to calm frustrated drivers, assist them with driving directions, and direct them to a rest stop if they’re feeling drowsy. By conversing with the driver and monitoring facial expressions, the RA is aware of a driver’s mood, enabling safer driving conditions. The interior of Nissan’s new concoction is cutting-edge as well. With a single front door that is accessible from any side due to a 360-degree spinning cabin, the car holds three passengers. The driver’s seat, positioned in the middle, is sandwiched between two reclining passenger seats. Supposedly designed to “inspire peace of mind,” the Pivo 2 rotates on a platform, taking away the need for a reverse gear. The wheels have no axles and are able to rotate 90 degrees, simplifying many maneuvering difficulties such as parallel parking. Backing out becomes a myth with this machine; a driver is able to pull out of a spot sideways. However, senior Luke Stevenson is quite skeptical of this concept car and doubts it can survive in the real world. “It won’t work at all,” he said. “Pivoting the wheels in every direction would make them unstable and weak. If it gets in a crash, it’ll explode!” Promoted by Nissan as “everywhere-convenient” and “always enjoyable,” the Pivo 2 (the original Pivo was unveiled in 2005) by far surpasses any vehicle presently on the road. As safety comes first, the design and curvature of the windows is purposely built to eliminate blind spots. For increased performance and output, the car runs on Lithium ion batteries and its thin disk-shaped motor has twice the torque of the average automobile. Attempting to create a whole new level of an alliance between car and driver, Nissan has also managed to establish a precedent that other carmakers will soon follow. Even though Pivo 2 has yet to be utilized and put through tests of durability and performance, the ideas of safety and environmental friendliness remain as key components of today’s car maintenance.