Mauvais sort casts spell on students

This October, students had the opportunity to listen to something a little different then their usual R&B and rock songs. The Canadian “folk and roll” group, Mauvais Sort, came to Ames High School from Quebec to play their traditional folk songs with twists of other rhythms from around the world. Mauvais Sort, which is a French expression that means “to put a spell on someone,” certainly put a spell on Ames High’s students. “It was energizing music and they were fun to look at,” senior Anne Todey said. Not only did they share their music, they shared their culture as well, giving history of their songs and teaching students traditional dances. While in Ames, Mauvais Sort also donated books to the Ames Public Library, went to an Iowa State football game, in addition to playing at C.Y. Stevens Auditorium. The leader of the group, Nicolas Geoffroy, who played the guitar, feet, and vocals, founded Mauvais Sort seven years ago. Other members of the group are Stéphanie Richard who played the accordion, feet, and vocals, Patrick Giroux, who played the fiddle, feet and vocals, Guillaume Côté who played drums, percussions, and vocals, and of course the handsome vocalsist and bass player François-Oliver Doyon, who seemed to be the favorite among students (especially girls). “His English might not have been that great, but he was hot!” senior Neo Mazur said. Doyon joined the group only two weeks before their tour started. Mauvais Sort works hard to make their music unique, finding rhythms and words to put together and create new songs. They currently have three albums out and will soon release a fourth. Last year the group was awarded a Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Group. Mauvais Sort has traveled all over the world playing in Canada, UK, Europe, and Oceania, having over 400 performances. It never gets old for the group, however. “It’s the best school for a musician to be on stage,” said François-Oliver, who loves being on stage and meeting all the different people. Ames High Students really enjoyed stepping out of their culture that surrounds them everyday and finding a new one to embrace. Many students wished they could experience more things like Mauvais Sort at Ames High. “It’d be awesome if we had more groups like that to give us more diversity,” senior Rachel Miller said. Until then, students can visit Mauvais Sort’s website,, to read more about the members and purchase one of their CD’s.