School’s stalls still standing up to students’ superior standards

When you gotta go, you gotta go, and the bathrooms at Ames High School are definitely the place to go. Ames High bathrooms have everything from the general things, like soap and paper towels, to the more unique things, like artwork drawn on the walls, and of course, the newest edition of The Stall Street Journal. Whatever it is you’re looking for in there, these bathrooms have it all. With bathrooms in almost every hallway, you never have to worry about going very far when you have an unexpected “emergency”. Each bathroom is well labeled with words and symbols, making it easy for any student to define whether the bathroom is to be used by boys or girls. Thanks to this, students can easily find the right bathroom without having to live through any of those awkward moments that are often seen on TV where a boy walks into a bathroom, only to quickly stumble out moments later followed by screams from the girls inside. Phew! Thanks to the multiple toilets and sinks in every bathroom, lines are prevented from building up, and are quickly “flushed” away when they do happen to form. “It’s really convenient,” senior Carolyn Baumgartner said, “There’s enough stalls for everyone.” One of the most popular bathrooms at Ames High School is the girls’ bathroom at the beginning of the science hallway. Colorful art, including towering pyramids, rippling streams, and a forest of palm trees covers every wall, brightening student’s days, or at least giving them something to look at as they dry their hands. “I always go in the stall with the palm tree, because I like to pee in a tropical environment,” senior Alexa Squire said. This year a new addition has been added. A bathroom newspaper titled The Stall Street Journal has been posted in every bathroom by Ames High’s very own student body president and vice-president. Students can now multi-task, finding out what school activities have already taken place along with the ones that will occur in the future-all while taking care of their other “business”. “I don’t have to worry about finding out when the next basketball game is anymore,” senior Riley Wendt said. “Everything’s right there when I need it.” The bathrooms at Ames High seem just about perfect. With colorful artwork, informative bathroom newspapers, and no lines, what more could you ask for? It seems students are pretty well off when it comes to restroom facilities. So the next time you’re sitting in class and get that sudden urge to go, be thankful that when you gotta go, you getta go in an Ames High bathroom.