Injuries happen, even to the girls basketball team

Injuries happen. This fact is a given in all sports, but the 2007-08 girls basketball team has suffered from them more than most. The team’s record, currently 10-5, reflects its members’ skill and will power in the face of adversity. “We have only had three minutes total with the entire team healthy,” assistant coach Chuck Stevens said. “But we still manage to be doing really well.” The struggle started with the transition from a heavily senior team last to this year’s more integrated squad. The players’ relative youth and inexperience gave head coach Joel Sullivan the dilemma of finding who was going to get playing time. “At least four girls who from preseason performances looked to start or play a lot of minutes were hurt for at least a game,” Sullivan said. “Girls just stepped up when they were needed.” With sophomore Ellen Hansen injured for ten games, many people had to step up. Filling the void was the outstanding performance of Trisha Nesbitt. Also helping out were sophomore Kionna Kellogg and junior Maura Owings. “I started a few games while Ellen was injured,” junior Lindsey Elliot said. “But I would rather have her healthy and playing.” The rest of the team and coaching staff share Elliot’s feelings. Injuries play a painful role in disheartening a team. When Hansen made her first start in the first meeting with Marshalltown she reaffirmed that her presence is a good one for the team. Everyone was happy to see her back playing again. Her injury is not the only one. Seniors Katie Marsden and Kylie Drysimski have each missed a game due to minor injuries. Their roles as senior leaders are important ones, and thus the rest of the team had yet another challenge to face. Thankfully, their injuries were not too serious, and only required a few games to mend. Another victim of debilitation is the head coach himself. Coach Sullivan had surgery on his leg. He was in a wheelchair earlier in the season, but now has advanced to crutches. He expects to be returning to full health. Hopefully, his recovery will bolster the team’s already admirable spirit, and end the season on a strong note.