Maharishi Ua unique curriculum

Deciding where to attend college is not an easy choice for anyone. Even now that most application deadlines have passed and the list is narrowed down, many seniors still have not made up their minds. Compounding the frustration is hearing about all of the great schools to which you did not apply, while knowing it is too late to add schools to your short list. But in Fairfield, Iowa, there is a solution, and it knows no admission deadline. Despite a population of only 9,509, Fairfield is far from the typical small Iowa town. That is because it is home to the Maharishi University of Management. The school was founded in 1974 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a spiritual leader from India. The foundation for the school was a belief that the purpose of life is the expansion of happiness, and that every human being can effortlessly unfold his or her infinite potential. This is achieved by learning to better manage one’s life, which is included in the “Management” portion of the school’s name. The practice of Maharishi’s teachings comes in the form of transcendental meditation (TM). He began teaching TM in 1955, traveling the world to spread the word. In 1968, the Beatles visited Maharishi to learn meditation from him firsthand, and with their endorsement TM took off in popularity. (The relationship eventually fell apart when Maharishi discovered the Beatles were not following his anti-drug teachings on a Himalayan retreat.) Transcendental meditation is just as you might imagine it—sitting cross-legged, closed eyes, deep in thought. The difference between this and other forms of meditation is in the brain activity during meditation. Instead of resting the mind along with body, Maharishi emphasized the importance of attaining restful alertness. In this state, the brain is able to function with significantly greater coherence as the body gains deep rest. The ultimate form of transcendental meditation is Yogic Flying. Although not nearly as exciting as it might sound, it is a sight to see nonetheless. In Fairfield, there are two golden domes dedicated to Yogic Flying. Flight is achieved by completing a three-step process: first bouncing, then hovering, and finally, flying. No followers of TM have made it beyond the first stage. This first step toward flying is achieved by sitting in a cross-legged lotus position and bouncing on spongy mats. Maharishi University officials have not said when or if true flying will ever take place. Although you may never learn to fly at Maharishi University of Management, there are still plenty reasons to attend. As part of advocating a healthy lifestyle, only organic vegetarian meals are served on campus. Additional perks include having separate dorm rooms for each student, taking one course at a time, and living among more than 1,000 fellow students who aspire to manage their lives in a healthier, more satisfying way. Sadly, students at Maharishi University of Management will never learn from the master himself. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi died February 5th, literally as this story was being written. When considering your college options, remember Maharishi and pursue the “expansion of happiness.” Hopefully a school on your current list can help you achieve such a feeling of satisfaction, but if not, there is a solution: Maharishi University of Management.