Hurdling the competition

Running at a record setting pace, this year’s shuttle hurdle team for Ames High boys track is looking for greatness. The team consists of Jason Kemis Tyler Clark, Andy James, and Brent Novey, and set the Ames High record at 57.7 seconds. “Kemis and Clark are the fastest but each of us is fast and capable”, Novey said. “It really depends on the day.’ Kemis and Clark have been running track since elementary school, so experience is not a problem. The shuttle hurdle team is all returning from last year, so all of them have been a part of big meets. Having a good chemistry and a lot of practice helped them last year and this year will be no exception. The team practices hard because they have big goals for this year. “Track season doesn’t start with the first official practice,” said James. “We started training outside as soon as it got warm.” The team got 4th at the State meet last year, and their goal is higher than that this year. With all returning runners they have a chance at the title, but they realize that State is a long way away. In fact, they are not even thinking that far ahead. They think one meet at a time. All the runners have gotten faster and better at getting over those hurdles. “Novey has gotten faster since last year,” senior track star Blake Woelfel said. “He is finally getting used to those long legs.” Woelfel is part of a 4 X 800 team that is also top notch. They aim to improve each meet and have a successful year. Overall, the track team plans to send as many competitors to the State meet as possible, and never stop improving, even when they are unable to practice outside. Students and staff may have seen them running the halls of Ames High while it was snowing or raining outside. Regardless of the weather, they run; that is the true spirit of a champion.