Bridget's Senior Column

Throughout my four years of high school I found myself overwhelmed with countless opportunities, ranging from participating in local art shows to traveling to new countries. Some of these opportunities were well worth my time, others not so much. I’ve narrowed my list down the top three opportunities I would definitely recommend students take advantage of during high school. Perhaps this can help those of you who still have some years left at Ames High School. And for the seniors, it can give you a chance to reminisce about the good times you’ve had (or could have had). 1. Sports- Number one on my list is sports. To be more specific, cross country. Girls cross country at Ames High School is one of those things you can’t really understand unless you go out and experience it for yourself. I won’t spend too much time trying to explain why it’s so cool, but trust me you won’t regret going out. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind sport, with the season involving everything from spaghetti dinners and wacky Wednesdays to tyedying and big sis- little sis presents. The no cut policy allows anyone to participate, thus the team ranges from slow runners just wanting to have fun to fast runners training to PR at their next race. Going out for a sport, whether it’s cross country or not, is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and test your limits. 2. School Trips- Number two on my list is going on a trip to a foreign country through the high school. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunities to go on both the 2007 French trip and the 2007 Africa trip. I consider both some of the top highlights during my four years of high school. By going one of these trips with the school, you get a lot more out of the experience because you are immersed in the culture, allowing you to see and learn a lot more than an average tourist. I learned just as much, if not more, during my two week trip to France as the four years of French I took in a classroom. 3. College Classes- This might not sound as fun as cross country or as exciting as going to a new country, but taking college classes during high school is well worth your time. Not only are you allowed to transfer these credits, giving you a head start on your college career, but you are also saving hundreds of dollars when the school covers the costs. By taking college classes you are offered classes you can’t find at Ames High School. These were only the three opportunities at Ames high school that I enjoyed most. Even if they don’t sound appealing, I encourage all of you to participate in as many opportunities as you can. I found high school as a time where I could give my interests a trial run to see what I wanted to do once entering college. Now, as a senior, I feel I’m ready for my future. Not only because of the classes I took at school, but because the opportunities I took outside of school.