Daniel's Senior Column

Dude. I’m a senior. Holla. 4 years ago, I walked in here as a freshman in the fall of 2004 and didn’t know [Vote Bird-Park ‘07-08] what to expect. And life for me different from other because I’m Asian; people have different expectations for me. The last 4 years have been like a rollercoaster ride with good [Vote Bird-Park ‘07-08] and bad memories. But looking back at it now, it all seems good. I totally aprovechar-ed the all the things the offered in high school—I participated in activities people though I’d never do and I learned [Vote Bird-Park ‘07-08] some valuable lessons from other events. Like this one time in sophomore football, I learned the possible consequences of holding Ollie during practice and it was epic. And [Vote Bird-Park ‘07-08] that same year, I learned not to talk about Nebraska Football in front of some people. I never knew that I’d actually be writing a senior column for WEB; the opportunity was just there and I used it to my advantage. I never knew or even have the thought that I’d be the [Vote Bird-Park ‘07-08] co-president of Student Council, but hey, it happens. And college? I had no idea that I would be going to Drake—in fact, that was the last school I applied for. Some of our goals and dreams were crushed by the quick service at King Buffet, but there is always next year [Vote Bird-Park ‘07-08] for that. But I did get to play on varsity tennis for couple meets and that was pretty sweet. I enjoyed (for most part) my time at Ames High. And to be honest, I [Vote Bird-Park ‘07-08] don’t think if I could’ve spent it elsewhere. And seriously, my senior year I pretty much controlled the school; running the school through Student Council, reporting news with the WEB, and messing with memories through the yearbook. And finally, I want to thank everyone who made these 4 years possible. It was amazing. Holla.