Bicyclesyour two-wheeled transportation alternative

What kind of transportation doesn’t run on gas and is good for your body? Bicycles! With gas prices at its peak, it is not uncommon to hear people complain about the cost of transportation. Many people are looking towards alternative fuels as the hopeful solution to this problem. But why worry about gas prices when there’s the alternative solution of bicycles? “It’s the best seven minutes of my day,” history teacher Tim Mooney said, who bikes to school every day. “It’s fun, I enjoy it, and it’s good for fitness.” Even though biking compromises the safety of being in a car, it provides priceless interactions with the outside environment. Obviously, on a snowy or rainy day, biking wouldn’t be the ideal transportation. But on a sunny morning with a clear sky and a gentle breeze, biking can help shape the beginning of a wonderful day. The problem of children and teenage obesity is becoming a serious problem in America. A simple solution to that problem is to exercise regularly and regulate eating habits. Even though biking can’t help the latter, it can certainly help create the habit to exercise regularly. Statistics show that cars emit around 30% of the carbon dioxide gas on Earth. “Biking helps us reduce our carbon footprint,” physics and chemistry teacher Michael Lazere said, who is the sponsor of the environmental club 100th Green Butterfly and believes in a unified contribution to help prevent global warming. Biking offers certain benefits and simplicities. But for many of us, it’s not easy to let go of the comfort of sitting in a car, listening to the morning radio, and reaching our destinations with great efficiency. “I usually drive during winter, because it’s faster and the weather is cold,” said Mooney. Nevertheless, in the bottom line, gas prices still seem to dominate the majority of the economic headlines these days. Because of this, it’s definitely a benefit to consider riding a bicycle the next time you leave the house.