Dupuis’ hairdo defines definition

Although it is only freshman Louis Dupuis’ first year at Ames High School, he is already making an impression. When passing him in the hallway, one cannot help but notice his flawless hair, a perfect image of nonchalance. How does Dupuis manage it? Amazingly, he does not style his hair or do anything special to it. It is completely natural. “I get up in the morning, shower and let my hair dry,” Dupuis said. “Then, I shake it, and everything falls into place.” He admits that his hair has not always been so extraordinary. “When I was little, I used to have a buzz cut,” Dupuis said. “I started growing my hair out in middle school.” The transition from middle school to high school has been smooth for Dupuis. “High school is ten times as sweet as middle school,” Dupuis said. Among the things he likes about the high school are the study halls and pop machines. His favorite subject this year is World Studies, since he is interested in history. Currently, his hardest subject is Spanish, but he hopes it will eventually become easier. Dupuis and his hair participate in a variety of activities, including cross country, soccer and band, in which Dupuis plays alto saxophone. Even after several miles of running, or a windy session of marching band, every strand of Dupuis’ hair still seems perfectly in place. Cross country is Dupuis’ favorite activity. “I like how cross country is crazy,” Dupuis said. “That makes it fun!” A few of Dupuis’ current goals are to keep his grades up and keep trying different things. He hopes to make it on the varsity cross-country team in the future, and perhaps the varsity soccer team as well, though he admits that the latter will be much more of a reach. This year, Dupuis also tried out for All-State band on alto saxophone, an ambitious undertaking for a freshman. As for challenges, Dupuis does not have many big ones. “High school has been pretty good so far,” Dupuis said. No matter what challenges Dupuis may face in the future, we can be sure that managing his hair will not be one of them. Actually, Dupuis is a little surprised that his hair is the subject of so much envy. “My hair is just…there,” Dupuis said. To those who wish to have hair as awesome as his, Dupuis has this piece of advice: “Just let it happen.”