Goodbye Ames, hello Canada!

Freshman Jessie Reynolds hopes to leave a lasting mark at Ames High, but unlike most students, she is only getting one year to do so. The youngest of a long line of Reynolds sisters who have graced the halls of Ames High since 2001, Jessie is the only one who will not graduate from these hallowed AHS halls, because after this school year, she will be making the long move to Canada’s Prince Edward Island with her family. Jessie is nervous for her move to a different country, and rightfully so. "When we went there to visit last summer, I did not see one boy under the age of 20," she said. "Plus I don’t like the cold weather." There are some benefits, though, when it comes to moving. "I’m really excited to go to a place where I’m not in my sisters’ shadows anymore," Jessie said. "I’m definitely ready to break free." Though Jessie may feel as if she is in the shadow of her sister, senior Julia, here at AHS, she still has quite a presence at school, especially for a freshman. Earlier this year, she could be seen on football Fridays wearing the jersey of senior star, Stefan BG. When asked to comment on this, she only had a short reply: "Stefan? More like Ste-FINE." Jessie says she is disappointed that she will not attend Ames High for the full four years, because she feels there is so much more for her to experience here. "I really wish I could’ve had Mr. Walter and Mr. Mooney as teachers. They were highly recommended by my sisters, so it’s too bad I won’t have them," she said. "Mr. Schmaltz would have been awesome, too!" For right now, however, Jessie enjoys taking French, and Earth Science. "Mrs. Svien is so fun, and that class is really entertaining," she said. Jessie also plays the trombone in the band and adores dinosaurs. Outside of school, she has learned to love being a member of 100th Green Butterfly, and is an avid dance partier. She especially likes to have dance parties with her sister’s super cool friends. While Ames High is unfortunate to be losing such a dynamic and fun-loving student, Jessie is optimistic about the future. "I am excited for what next year might bring," she said, "but for right now, I’m just happy having fun during my last few months at home."