Joe Iverson silently excels in all things academic

"I don’t normally seek out conversation," Iverson said. "However, it doesn’t mean I that I don’t enjoy an engaging discussion." Iverson feels that his reserved nature simply means that he doesn’t find the need the talk as much compared to most people. "I’m sure that other students may think that I detest social interaction,but when I don’t say something I’m not trying to disrespect a person in any way." Although Iverson is not known for his chatting ways, when he does speak, it is nothing less than a thing of beauty. Possessing a deep, commanding delivery, Iverson’s voice easily surpasses the vocals of even the greatest of anchormen. "People recognize me for my deep voice," Iverson said. "Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is." Along with his thundering voice, Iverson also exemplifies the meaning of deliberate speech. While most student conversations are plagued with the "um", "uh", or "like", Iverson’s dialogue finds no need for such waste of words. "I know for a lot of people it is second nature [speaking with breaks], but I learned early in my life to be purposeful in my speech so I naturally try to say what I mean," Iverson said. It goes to show that even the quietest person can have the strongest voice. Along with mastering the art of speaking, Iverson also shows his command in academics. A two year advancement in math, one year advancement in science, and taking a plethora of AP classes while having the ability to maintain a 4.0 GPA perfectly shows Iverson’s dominance in his classes. Furthermore, he scored a 35 on the ACT. Iverson works hard to achieve his academic goals, but more importantly, he has a sense of modesty that many people who know him have come to respect. "Doing well in school is my major goal as of right know," Iverson said. "What I do is not all intelligence, I’m sure there are many people who are smarter than me in this school. I just work hard to achieve what I want." Iverson takes his education seriously but he also takes the time to enjoy himself. "I enjoy watching Star Trek and the occasional game of DND [Dungeons and Dragons]," Iverson said. Along with his hobbies, Iverson also enjoys his two major extracurricular activities: orchestra and quiz bowl. Despite only playing the cello for a mere three years, Iverson has already risen the ranks of the orchestra. "Compared to most [orchestra members] I haven’t been playing for that long" Iverson said. "But I rather enjoy playing the cello and the range of sound I can produce from it." Although his music is capable of melting hearts of even the hardiest thugs, Iverson unfortunately said he didn’t plan on serenading a lucky lady any time soon. Though he is usually reserved, Iverson certainly is more than willing to answer a question during a quiz bowl meet. When in his "quiz bowl flow", Iverson is known to transform from unnoticed quiet kid to an answering powerhouse incarnation of the Incredible Hulk. Intimidating his hopeless competitors with a deep, cryptic gaze and scaring the daylights out of them with his thunder clap of an answer known as the "Iverson special", it would be a understatement to say Iverson is just good at quiz bowl. Having an unfathomable knowledge ranging from obscure chemical compounds to an encyclopedia-like database of the novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Iverson is usually the deciding factor in many of the quiz bowl team’s numerous wins. "I enjoy quiz bowl very much" Iverson said. "I especially like the competitive nature of it all." Whether it’s his pronounced vocal ability, academic excellence, or his at times cutthroat quiz bowl persona, there is more to Iverson than just the quiet kid who keeps to himself. Iverson shows that a student does not have to be loudest or most socially outgoing to earn the respect of his/her peers. "I’m sure there are a lot of reserved students in this school similar to myself" Iverson said. "I think people should take the time to get to truly know those kind of people before making a premature judgment. You just never know what you will find."