Leonardo DiCaprio wears Uggs

Australians have brought us some crazy things over the years. Where would we be now without the boomerang? Wildlife icon Steve Irwin brought smiles to all of our faces(may he rest in peace). Of course no one can forget the bionic ear. These inventions and beloved icons are Australia’s trademarks. But they are in small comparison to the fashion giant from Australia known simply to all, as Uggs. This fashion craze has traveled across the oceans and changed the world for teenage girls forever. Some teenage teen females long for Uggs more than they long for their next breathe. Christmas morning isn’t complete unless a brand new shoe box labeled “Uggs” is opened. These shoes originated to keep peoples feet warm in the winter. Summertime doesn’t stop extreme wearers from showcasing their Uggs. Ugg boots primal uses are not for warmth, but for looking good. They have evolved from a simple sheepskin insulated boot, to a footwear fetish. Most people think of Uggs as primarily for girls and woman. Most people are wrong. There exist many different types and colors of girls Uggs. There are almost as many styles of men’s pairs as women’s. The men who wear these shoes aren’t cross-dressing, they are simply wearing a men’s style shoe. It is no different than wearing Nike or Adidas. Man Uggs (or for short “muggs”), are present at Ames High. Male Uggs have been known to be worn by “chill” guys. Some “chill” Ugg owners include, Ames High’s 2010 indisputable quarterback Will Frantzen, sophomore standout swimmer Seth Wills, and Ames High graduate and former basketball superstar Jordan Burgason. Not to mention the handful of “chill” people. Some of the muggs are not much different from woman Uggs. They are all made of relatively the same materials and all have the trademark sheep’s wool inside lining. The difference between male and female Uggs is less than the difference between a male and female tennis shoe. It is hard to tell the difference. The tags don’t even specify if they are intended for a male or female. Sometime the only way to tell the difference is to ask the person wearing them. “I feel masculine wearing them,” sophomore Ugg owner Zach Moorman said. “They keep my feet and toes toasty.” Moorman is appealing to the Uggs primary function, warmth. Not to imply that woman don’t wear Uggs for warmth, but when they have multiple pairs, it seems like more of a fashion statement then to stay warm. It would be a lie to say that men don’t wear them for fashion, but the majority at our school wear them because they are remarkably soft and warm. Man doesn’t need fashion. Man needs water, shelter, food, clothes and love. Clothing the body is essential, but looking good is an option most follow. Unfortunately, fashion has become a more of a need than a luxury. In the case of Uggs, most men know when too much is too much, but some woman on the other hand have no voice telling them when to stop. The fine line between men’s and women’s fashion can be defined simply: Men enjoy quality and woman enjoy quantity.