Dogs like to have fun and are great friends

When you come home after a long day, you want something to be waiting for you with open paws. A dog is the simplest choice. They have been waiting for you to come home since the minute you left. When you walk into a house with a cat, however, they barely move from their resting place. They couldn’t care less when and if you came home. The only time a cat cares what you do is when you feed them. Cats are boring. Dogs go on adventures. Just take a look at the recent films staring dogs such as: Bolt (with a cat as a sidekick), Marley and Me, Hotel For Dogs, and many more. There is a reason why these movies are about dogs; cats can’t have fun. Cats aren’t dynamic enough to be the star. Dogs have personalities that develop and change. They are like furry babies that hunger for their owner’s love. This never-ending love for their owners is what drives them. When you find a chewed up shoe, your dog hides in the corner because he or she knows what they have done. They chewed up the shoe because they missed you and had nothing to do. When a little boy falls in a well, a cat doesn’t come running to the rescue. Lassie or Beethoven gallop majestically and bark until help comes running. Dogs are the most heroic mammals (besides dolphins of course). Dogs are all over the news for their heroic actions. Dogs are most famously known for pulling people out of danger. There is no such thing as a firehouse cat. Cats are scrawny and useless. If you’re going to get a cat, you might as well get a stuffed animal. It is about the same thing. A stuffed animal would actually make for a better pet because stuffed animals don’t poop or pee in a box that will stink up your house. Dogs, however, if trained correctly, have the ability to let you know when they need to go outside. You can also go outside and play with a dog. If you go outside with a cat, it’s just creepy. Dogs can fetch and chase. You can wrestle with them without breaking them. Unlike a cat. Cats can’t play fight. It is unwise to try unless you like to be scratched in the face. So if you want a pet that will love you as much as you love it, then don’t settle for a cat. When it comes to mankind’s best friend, there is no substitute.