Gelhaus- Man of Determination and Dedication

It would be fair to say that the average Ames High student spends a good portion of high school in the media center. Whether it’s finding a book to read, studying for a test, or trying to furiously finish that project that is unfortunately due next period, the media center is an essential part of our school. However, students often forget those few who work behind the scenes, the very people who keep our precious media center up and running. One of of these diligent staff, Mr. Gelhaus, though fairly new to Ames High, is already finding his place in our school. Getting to know Gelhaus’ somewhat reserved nature reveals a man dedicated to his profession and the students he works to help everyday. Before coming to the media center, Gelhaus worked at Sawyer and Edwards elementary schools as an one-on-one educational assistant for fourth graders. Gelhaus enjoyed his job with the kids, but as with many elementary children, had to deal with their chaotic antics. "I liked that job. There were a lot of very good moments," Gelhaust said. "Though there were times when the children got too physical and other behavior problems which were quite a bit to deal with. That’s the reason why educational assistants don’t last in the position for too long." Gelhaus understandably felt the need for a calmer profession which led him to transfer to his current position at Ames High. Gelhaus has certainly found his niche in the media center. The daily tasks he performs may seem small and tedious, but they are very important to keeping the media center functioning. "My daily tasks are extremely varied, I put the newspaper in the holders, process new materials for circulation, prepare bar codes, enter information into the computer, and many other tasks," Gelhaus said. Though he is kept busy by media center work, Gelhaus always looks for the opportunity to conquer a challenge. "My favorite part of my job is solving problems for the students, especially when they come on such a regular basis," Gelhaus said. "I try to deal with the many needs that they have which is why I like my job so much." Gelhaus feels that he has built a good relationship with the student body, "The students in Ames are very well behaved," Gelhaus said. "I get along very well with them." An experienced piano player, one time trombone performer, and not to mention skilled RAGBRAI biker are some of the titles Gelhaus has earned for himself through his hobbies and accomplishments. Outside of fulfilling his media center duties, Gelhaus has two main goals, "I would like to become a father and own my own house, those are pretty big goals for me," Gelhaus said. Gelhaus currently lives in rural Radcliffe with is wife in the house he actually grew up in. Gelhaus’s experiences are very noteworthy, especially since most people can’t say that they have held their own against often rabid elementary school children or biked across Iowa. Helpfulness and dedication characterize the effort in which Gelhaus performs his job and the media center certainly wouldn’t be the same without him. "The students always come first," he said. "I just try to do what I can to make the education of the students as good as possible."