This Day in History

Normal 0 0 1 534 3049 25 6 3744 11.1282 0 0 0 96—Nerva is proclaimed Roman Emperor after Domitian is assassinated. Nerva was the Roman Emperor from 96 until his death in 98. He became Emperor atthe age of 65, after serving under the Emperors Nero, Vespasian, Titus andDomitian, the rulers of the Flavian dynasty. Under Nero, he played an importantrole in exposing the Pisonian conspiracy of 65. In accordance with anastrological prediction, Domitian believed that he would die around noon. Onthe day he was assassinated, he asked a page the time. The page, who was in onthe assassination plot, lied and said that it was much later than noon. Domitianthen let his guard down, went to his desk to sign some decrees, and waspromptly stabbed to death by Stephanus, a steward of his niece. 1793—George Washington lays the foundationstone for the U.S. Capitol. The fourth architect to work on the Capitol finally completed the first wing, theSenate wing, in 1800, and the second, the House wing, in 1811. At the urging ofJohn Adams, the first session of Congress was held in the building in 1800.Adams hoped that moving Congress closer to the South would help him secure morevotes in the upcoming presidential election, which he still lost to ThomasJefferson. The current dome was finishedin 1866 and renovated in 1850, 11 years before the Civil War. Not surprisingly,most of the construction was done by slaves. Even the Statue of Freedom, whichsits atop the Capital’s dome, was built by a slave named Philip Reid. 1970—Jimi Hendrix dies inLondon. GuitaristJimi Hendrix once said, “ I just hate to be in one corner. I hateto be put as only a guitar player, or either only as a songwriter, or only as atap dancer. I like to move around.” Known as one of the most creative and talentedmusicians of all time, Hendrix pioneered some of the explosive possibilitiesthat the electric guitar has today. He released his first album, Are YouExperienced ,in 1967 with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. But like many greatartists, Hendrix also struggled in his life with drugs and alcohol, which mayhave eventually caused his death. Hendrix was found dead in his hotel room early in the morning covered inred wine. Hendrix was originally believed to have over dosed on sleeping pills,but later it was claimed that he committed suicide due to some lyrics that werefound in the room where he died. However,in 2009 a book was published by a former roadie claiming that Hendrix wasmurdered by his former manager. Still no one knows for sure what caused thedeath of this rock star. 1999—Sammy Sosabecomes the first player in major league baseball history to hit 60 homers in two seasons. 7 days later on Sept. 26, Mark McGwire matchedSosa’s feat, joining him in the record books. In 2003, Sosa joined anotherrecord book: the list of 103 players who tested positive for banned substancesin 2003. In his 2005 tell-all book, Major League player Jose Canseco claimedthat McGwire had been using steroids as far back as 1988. McGwire disputedthese statements and testified under oath before Congress in 2005 on the topicof steroid use. His response to Canseco’s allegations was that he did not wantto talk about the past.