"A Clockwork Orange"

It was a book banned in Great Britain for inciting violence and then made an Academy Award-winning movie. Now a play "as queer as a clockwork orange" may be coming to Ames as seniors Monica Dreasher and Grace Warren attempt to stage a theatrical version of A Clockwork Orange , a novel written by Anthony Burgess in 1968. It is the story of Alex, a teenager who lives in a futuristic city governed by a repressive, totalitarian super-State. He leads a gang of other teenagers who roam through the city robbing and beating men and women. Alex’s lifestyle lands him in prison where he is subjected to an experimental treatment that forces him to watch exceedingly violent movies. It causes Alex to be incapable of committing or defending himself from violent acts. In his new state he is taken in by a political dissident who uses Alex’s condition to incite outrage against the government. Alex’s treatment is reversed and he goes back to his old way of violence, but he eventually tires of violence and gets married and settles down in a village, dreaming of his future son. The play adaptation of A Clockwork Orange was written by Burgess after Stanley Kubrick made his controversial film. Burgess was originally enthusiastic about Kubrick’s film, but they grew apart on Kubrick’s deletion of the last chapter of Burgess’ book, the chapter about Alex’s redemption. "Anthony Burgess hated the movie so he wrote [the play] in response to it," Dreasher said . " The difference between the movie and the play is that the play is not as graphic. It is a lot more implied, and the ending is [the same as the book]…The show hadn’t been done before due to its controversy. A lot of controversy attracts a lot of attention." Dreasher and Warren are not afraid of the controversy surrounding the play. "We have tried to stay as close to the original script as possible, but we’ve changed some of the wording that we felt was too graphic," Dreasher said. "People that say that A Clockwork Orange is too graphic or inappropriate have not read it." However, problems have prevented them from implementing their plans. "Finding a location has been difficult," Warren said. "We were blocked early on by the administration because of space and time issues. We have a couple of possible locations, and right now we are waiting to hear back from them. We are also looking for cast members who can sing and act." If they are able to find a location Dreasher and Warren will put on A Clockwork Orange this school year or in the summer of 2010. "[ A Clockwork Orange ] is different," Dreasher said. "It’s not Our Town . All the plays in the Ames community are comedies…We want to be different. I’m passionate about the script and I think that it deserves attention."