North Grand Expansion

In 2007 an expansion project was supposed to begin on North Grand Mall. This came after it was decided that a new mall would not be built. But where is this great new expansion? After the economy collapsed, many businesses were affected, including GK Development Inc., an Illinois based company that was hired as the contractor for the North Grand Mall expansion. The new economic hardships caused many cutbacks, including the postponement of the expansion. " Changing economic conditions have put us in a cautionary position along with all retailers and businesses," said Marianne Fasano in a statement from GK. According to the North Grand website the GK Development " expects to invest $30 million in the project that will add or reconfigure a total of 150,000 square feet." The planned redevelopment is expected to "add a new, open-air lifestyle component" to North Grand which will be called "The Streets of North Grand." It will be a pedestrian zone containing " a variety of lifestyle center merchants that currently do not have a presence in Ames." Once the recession has passed the expansion is expected to move forward as planned. As Fasano said, " GK Development, Inc. is committed to the investment that it has made to the Ames community and enhancing North Grand Mall."