Prom-a drama: 2010 prom moves to cafeteria

You enter the elevator in the Scheman building anxiously awaiting the most anticipated night of your life. The one-story climb seems like an eternity, and the faint music becomes louder and louder with every inch you climb. When your upward motion finally stops and the doors open, you see a small, dark dance floor. This was a familiar sight at last year’s prom, but the 2010 prom will be very different. The new location for prom is sure to cause angst among the students because this “new” location isn’t so new. Ames High School will be prom’s new home. Students are already fighting this. “The seniors worked hard to earn money and have a nice prom, and now it’s going to be at the school,” senior Dree Brakke said. Ames High already hosts homecoming and Winter Formal. Prom was the one dance on a floor students hadn’t walked on every day of the year. This facet of prom was the most appealing to students. In recent years, the Scheman building has been home to prom. Although small, the building had adequate parking, an actual dance floor and an area for pictures and relaxing. “I called the people at Scheman during the summer and confirmed that we had reserved it on that date,” said Christine Hetz, prom coordinator and ALP secretary. “They change employees there so often that the information must have been lost.” The administration’s search for a location didn’t end at Scheman. “We looked at 8 other possible locations,” principal Michael McGrory said. The problem with most of these places was limited parking, outrageous pricing and availability. Most all of the Iowa State campus is booked due to VEISHEA that week. The administration had run out of choices–the high school turned out to be the perfect location, with enough parking. The high school was a more controlled environment, so not as many chaperones would be needed for the dance. Nevertheless, the biggest advantage to holding the dance at the high school was, of course, price. See PROM, Page 2