Pierce duo more than "Pierce"ing looks

His smile could subdue Ron Artest; hers could tame a lion. Figures they’d have the same parents. Freshman Brian Pierce and senior sister Sophie are at opposite ends of their Ames High tenures, but they’re not so different. In fact, they even share clothes occasionally. Cooperation is an enabling factor for them to impact the school; this impact once reached personally to junior Chrissy Amaya as she once found herself wearing Brian’s shirt. "When I found out [it was Brian’s shirt] I screamed," Amaya said. "It was a powerful experience," Brian said. "She wore my Iowa cross country shirt, and it looked good on her." Their cooperation runs deep; Sophie claims that Brian campaigned for her during Homecoming, which Brian confirms. Apparently, it worked. "I was kind of like the Bill Clinton of Hilary Clinton or the Michelle Obama of Barack Obama. Or I fancy myself as that," Brian said. "At the start of the year I didn’t think she’d have many friends, because her best friend (Molly Moore) moved to Tennessee, but I realized she’s the queen so she’s better than me." Sophie had no shortage of nice things to say about her brother, either. "His hair is like spun gold or a pot of honey. I wish I had his hair and his adorable nose. It’s like a button. Seriously, if you press it, it feels like a button. It goes ‘boop boop.’ It’s like a ski jump." The Pierces are quite visible at Ames High, but there is much more than stunning externals to these two vibrant individuals. Their history is as intriguing as their looks are magnetic. ("Brian Pierce has the face of an angel," senior Anna Kaspar commented.) "Everybody said we got along really well [growing up]," Sophie said. "But there were definitely some times I wanted to grab his shoulder and throw him down on the ground. I definitely did; it’s very satisfying when he cries." "My sister is a lot stronger than me," Brian said. "I try to act tough, and she gets scared. Then she remembers that she’s stronger than me." Disputes between the two have ranged over the years from what to name the cat (Beckham or Eevee) to fighting over the good leftovers, although this may be changing as Brian finds an interest in cooking. He particularly enjoys making puppy chow and apple crisp, as well as berry soup. They are people of many talents; both participate in band, play the trumpet, and run cross country. Brian plays baseball and has an arm disproportionately strong to his size. He also watches Sportscenter a lot and enjoys playing football without tackling. Sophie sings in chorus and is an expert at making animal noises, including her infamous "cattle call." Sophie is undecided on plans for college, but she has been accepted to the University of Iowa and is also considering other schools. With Sophie’s graduation looming, Brian admits there are many qualities of hers he wishes he had. However, he also identifies qualities in himself that distinguish him from her, specifically citing organization. "It’ll be a bummer [when she is gone], but I’ll be at school on time."