Iball Preview

Professional basketball season has begun, and while it may not get as much attention or national praise, iball will soon start as well. Characterized by colorful team names, friendly competition, and most importantly high-schoolers, intramural basketball holds a special place in the hearts of the Ames High student body. Some teams may be returning this year such as returning champs Quack Attack, but many new squads are sure to make their debut in the rabidly competitive league that is iball this year. One of these new teams hopes to participate under the team name of Foxy Shazam. While they have yet to have Foxy Shazam approved by the school administration, the members of the teams, mostly juniors including Drew Minick, David Lee, Hunter Peterson, Sam Frishman, and others, are "100% sure" that their team name will be approved. Foxy Shazam is looking forward to be able to compete with team’s like The Joe Iverson Experience, Air-Brice, and Millertime, assuming their return. While not overly impressed with all of the team’s creativity with name, "It’s [Millertime’s name] a blatant play on Alex Miller’s name" Team leader Drew Minick said, they are excited to show off their basketball skills on the fun and exiting basketball league that is iball. However, when asked about which team they feared to play the most, Minick quickly acknowledged The Joe Iverson Experience. "I mean, it’s not even fair to have a guy like Joe Iverson on your team," Minick said. "Lethal talent like his needs to banned from all competitive activities. The allure of a new activity is what lead to the creating of Foxy Shazam in the first place. "I can’t play basketball to save my life." Team member David Lee said, "Its going to be interesting how my team is going to try to make up for that." Drew Minick remained unfazed when he heard Lee’s statement. "David Lee, MVP" he said. That statement may reflect the true spirit of iball. Some people play to win. Some play to show of their basketball skills (as Minick claims), some play and aren’t very good at it, but they all play to have fun. "Why did Michelangelo Sculpt? Why did Leonardo Da Vinci paint? Because they were the best of the best," Minick said. "They had a societal obligation to use their gifts to their fullest extent. We don’t feel that way, but we’re competitive and get bored easily and iball was a respite from doing nothing."