Thespian Film Festival

As award season draws to a close , many students may wonder who is the best director at Ames High. Who is the best cinematographer? And which is the best movie? On March 26, the Thespian Film Festival will be giving out awards for these achievements. In past years , the Film Festival has been lacking qualities that it had in previous years. The number of movies being shown and the attendance has dwindled since the famous movie JOFFRIS was shown three years ago. But this year, the Thespians are ready for a big show. "The main goal [of the Film Festival] is two fold," said Steven Woolery, English teacher and Thespian sponsor. "Our first goal is to present a different media of entertainment and acting, rather than a play, and to simply promote the art of film making which has a pretty solid history in Ames. There are kids who like acting and directing, but don’t want to be in plays." One of the big films in last year’s Film Festival was Zog From Space and featured junior Neil Gerstein. "The best part is seeing our movie on the big screen and all of our hard work and sweat becoming the joy of the students of Ames High," Gerstein said. "I enjoy making films because they are beautiful, and I love expressing my emotions through the art of film." This year, Gerstein will be featured in another film, this one titled Treeland . "I want the students to thoroughly enjoy the majesty of Treeland ," Gerstein said. "’Cause that’s pretty much what our movie is about." Film Festivals of years past have been great spectacles, with many students in attendance, and this year’s Thespians are looking to return to those glory days. "We would like it to be a formal event where people dress up and we serve sparkling apple juice," Woolery said. "It will be our version of the [Oscars]." Previous Festivals have also been known for giving out creative awards to those most deserving films. "We will have unique awards this year too," Woolery assured.