The Oscars

It’s that time of year again, time for America to watch yet another awards show. This time around that show is The Academy Awards. The Academy is some mysterious body that chooses the movies that Americans spent their hard earned money on which one is the so called best or whatever one has the best special effects out of the bunch. Who is the Academy anyways? Are they some terrorist organization? More likely they are similar to the death eaters. Well, whoever they are they have become some of the most powerful people on the planet especially if they are getting a cut from the movie industry. The Academy has grown to become more wealthy than the Republican party, more gangster than the Crips, more dangerous than the Taliban, and crazier than the N.R.A. The Academy has been around for 82 years now. Crazy to think about that someone has been giving this thing some sort of airtime for 82 years. Another important fact to note is that the best movies do not win any of the awards, instead, the Academy likes to reward whichever movies that ran all the way to the bank, whoever has a big name involved with the production, or any movie made by Peter Jackson. Now lets look at the nominees. The first category is the award for best writing. The Hurt Locker was indeed the movie with the best writing considering how baller all the dialogue is in that film, but lets be honest here, Up could have won that award because it made bank and was just so cute. The next award being for the best visual effects. Though Star Trek and District 9 both looked great is this going to be a contest? Avatar made mad skrill based on just how it looked. No body went to that movie for it’s less than compelling story line that came straight out of Pocahontas. Avatar does deserve this award though I mean ignoring the whole 3-D gimmick it looked pretty good. Next are two awards for the best sound mixing and sound editing. Though sounds are pretty important to a good movie, this award always feels like a who cares award and always ends up feeling like the movies nominated didn’t even have great sound to begin with. The Hurt Locker won both of these awards and that is a fair thing I mean at least that movie was good. Directing, another category that The Hurt Locker won which was well deserved (that movie was really good I swear) I was pleasantly surprised that Avatar did not win considering how big of a name James Cameron is and how much skrill it rolled in. The next award is art direction. What does that even mean? Whatever it is this is the best shot The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus had at winning an award considering the fact that this is the only category it is in. Regardless as expected it fell to the mega power that is Avatar. Also did anyone see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus? Best Actress is the first of the three big awards to be presented and since none of the mega hit films are in this category luckily the Academy chose a deserving winner in Sandra Bullock but then again pretty much anyone that wasn’t Meryl Streep was a good choice. Best Actor should have gone to Morgan Freeman’s performance in Invictus. He was awesome in that movie. What do expect the man played God in a movie. This went to a schweezing actor. I mean who is Jeff Bridges? I will feel okay if the world ends in 2012. Speaking of which 2012 didn’t make any nominations, thankfully looks like even the Academy can do something right. Now of course is the big moment the award for best picture. The Hurt Locker won thankfully. I mean, I really like that movie. Frankly though pretty much all of the are pretty good except for two of them. It’s crazy that the highest grossing film of all time didn’t win but that is a step in the right direction.