Students huddle around a computer. Deepak Premkumar screams, "The empire strikes back to the future!" This is Sporcle. Sporcle, an online quiz-game database, is lotsa fun. The "mentally stimulating diversions" focus on a specific topic consist of a handful of questions and a space in which to enter the answers to those questions. The quizzes have a time limit, and the countdown is shown in the top-right corner of the quiz. After the quiz has ended, there are links at the top of the page to see the most missed questions. "I live only for sporcle, and maybe ultimate a little bit," senior Deepak Premkumar said. "Before and afters are my favorite." Before and afters are quizzes that have one answer to two questions, in a before-and-after format. That was probably a horrible description, so here’s an example: in a non-themed before and after, one clue was "1776 pamphlet by Thomas Paine," and the second clue was, "1811 book by Jane Austin published under the pseudonym ‘A Lady’." The answer: Common Sense and Sensibility. Before and After quizzes are just one type of quizzes; there are many others, including "Double Letters" and "Ends in _____." Quizzes are divided by category, including History, Literature, Science, and Just For Fun. "I usually spend my Friday and Saturday nights on Sporcle," said freshman John Doe. "It makes me smarter. And I like to be smarter." Sporcle, although fun, does tend to destroy lives. My friend, Jane Doe, got disowned after she refused to do her chores because she couldn’t pause her quiz (there is no pause feature in the quizzes, by the way.) Also, The WEB’s productivity has gone down a little bit a lot a bit. "Yeah," said sophomore Calvin Song. "I like Sporcle." Give Sporcle a visit! Go to www.sporcle.com to enjoy quizzes and fun times.