2010 NFL Draft: Big gains and big shockers

There are few times when being embarrassingly bad at something pays off. However, in the world of professional sports there is one event that provides a reward for sucking it up during the regular season. No, it’s not the offensive linemen getting a better spot at the Pizza Hut lunch buffet, it’s the NFL draft. A week passed–its time to grade which teams hit it big and which left us scratching our heads during the 2010 NFL draft. Sam Bradford- St. Louis Rams As the undisputed worst team in the NFL this season, the Rams had a blank check towards what they desired in this years draft. Ranked dead last offensively and second to last defensively, the Rams have gone from the greatest show on turf to the lamest show in football. But hey, Ram fans, not to worry – this year the franchise drafted easily the most touted offensive player the draft had to offer–Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford. Compared by many to Peyton Manning, Bradford’s potential is promising. The Rams already have a decent running game through star running back Stephen Jackson, so Bradford won’t necessarily be pressured into being the next Brees-like throwing powerhouse, allowing him time to become acclimatized. In a division barren of any standout QBs, the Rams might have just gained the best quarterback in the AFC west. The Rams desperately needed a potential franchise QB to build around this draft, and they got one, a pinpoint accurate and talented one at that. Draft grade- A Tim Tebow- Denver Broncos Oh boy. There was an avalanche of skepticism surrounding how well Florida QB Tim Tebow, considered to be one of the best college players of all time, could play in the NFL. With a throwing motion reminiscent of a baseball pitcher throwing a fast ball, Tebow was criticized by many scouts for taking a year and half to get the ball out of his hand. Nevertheless, the Broncos drafted him, in the first round no less, leaving many in a state of confusion over what head coach Josh McDaniel was thinking. There is a huge difference between playing football in college and in the NFL. The guys Tebow ran over in the NCAA could most likely give him a concussion in the NFL. However, risky as Tebow is fundamentally, he does have things one can’t coach- passion, competitiveness, and the unyielding commitment to be the best he can be. Tebow may have talent to play other skill positions in a potential wildcat offense but is questionable as a pure QB. Even if the Broncos wanted Tebow that badly, it would have been more logical to take him in the second round rather than wasting a first round pick on him. McDaniel has tied himself to the Tebow ship, and if it sinks then he’s gonna go down with it. Draft Grade- C- The Baltimore Ravens It’s strange when a team without a single first round pick finds itself successful at the end of the draft. However, for the Baltimore Ravens it was no problem whatsoever. Trading down to get two second round picks, the Ravens drafted Texas defensive end Sergio Kindle and Alabama defensive tackle Terrence Cody. These guys could have easily been drafted in the first round, so getting the pair in the second round is definitely a steal. Adding these two to a defense already headlined by pro-bowlers like Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, and Haloti Ngata, is pretty scary for any offense. Besides building the defensive equivalent of Ron Artest fighting fans in Detroit, the Ravens also drafted an excellent class of tight ends for budding QB Joe Flacco to utilize. With the off-season acquisition of Anquan Bolding, things are looking very bright for the Ravens come this season. Draft grade- A