Bo Fan: Getting girls at "hello"

From Science Olympiad to orchestra, freshman Bo Fan is making his presence known this year at Ames High. "Right now, I’m spending a ton of time with Science Olympiad," Fan said. "It’s pretty fun, it’s just a bunch of science events where you compete and if the team does well you go to the national competition. Nationals are really fun, they’re the best part of the year." But the academic teams don’t stop there for Fan. "Science Olympiad takes up a bunch of time, but I’m also involved in Math Olympiad, Mathcounts, and debate." Fan said. "The practices and competitions for all that take up a ton of time, but I think it’s worth it." In addition to these academic teams, Fan is also involved in Ames High’s new intramural quiz bowl team, IQuiz. "IQuiz is a lot of fun," said Fan, "it’s really laid back which I like, but it’s still fun to compete. I’m ranked 21st in the school out of about 100, so I’m pretty proud of that. All those academic teams must have paid off," Fan said with a chuckle. Besides the extracurricular teams, Fan is also involved in band, where he plays clarinet, and orchestra, where he plays violin. "I started both band and orchestra in elementary school, and I’ve really enjoyed both of them ever since," Fan said. Fan is also studying for AP tests for the first time this year. "Yeah, that’s a pain. AP Bio sucks." Fan’s not enjoying the studying aspect of high school, but, like most freshmen, he is enjoying the freedom. "The new freedom and privileges are great," Fan said. "I’ve been having a lot of fun, going out to eat, stuff like that, that I wouldn’t be able to do in middle school. Plus the lunches are way better. I love chicken fingers." Unlike many freshmen at Ames High, Fan has been very successful with the ladies. "Since the first time I saw him I was infatuated with his clever wittiness," sophomore Renee Chang said. "He had me at hello." remarked another adorer, sophomore Vera Zhao. Bo Fan has certainly had no trouble keeping himself busy his freshman year. From debate to Math Olympiad to IQuiz to Orchestra, his schedule is full. "I’ve been really busy this year, but I think that’s kinda what high school’s about," said Fan. "I really enjoy all the stuff I’ve been doing, and I’m looking forward to the next three years."