"American" football resurging?

Looks like the wave (puts on sunglasses) isn’t the only thing hitting Miami. YEAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t get to the top of the criminal ladder (puts on sunglasses) without making a few enemies. YEAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first glance, David Caruso (from the show CSI: Miami) and his legendary one-liners appear to have nothing to do with our school’s football team. Upon a closer examination, one should, however, disagree. The fact is most of his one-liners are trash, but just like our football team, there are a few gems. Two years ago, we were state runner-ups. That was a record for our team. But last year we didn’t make it past the conference.The argument for why we were great centers around Bubu Palo. While it is true the state runner-ups won many close matches, it was even more apparent Palo clutched it out many times. Without him last year, our team was decent but didn’t go far. If one elite player can take his team to the top, maybe high school football in Iowa is on the decline. We can only hope next year’s team will be decent. However, the high school league isn’t the only outlet players have for their bursting football energies. Many of them also play in the fall for their club. “My team practices a lot, but it’s worth it with the new coach,” junior Jake Wahlin said. “He’s Spanish or Argentinian. I don’t really know.” Of course, anybody with knowledge of the history of the club knows that its glory days with Sandro Bassanini are behind it, but the teams are definitely improving under the leadership of Gary Eyles, last year’s girls high school coach. Football is considered by many around the world to be the greatest sport. More than 700 million people watched the last major showdown. Unfortunately many people, even at our own school, still don’t give the respect this sport deserves. “[Football] is for lawn fairies,” junior Hansen Breitling said . “It’s a sport for little kids and girls. Go play a real sport.” The great football coach Chad Zmolek brilliantly countered this argument in such an eloquent and profound way: “Wow. That Babcock kid is such a douchebag.”