These people are related

Their fluffy brown hair flows around their beautiful faces and amber eyes. Their bright physiques light up any room they enter. Their ridiculously adorable faces stun and petrify their fellow students. They’re hot, they’re cool–they’re the Pruegers. Senior Madison Prueger and freshman Hunter Prueger are a lovely set of siblings. One look and you can instantly tell that they are related, there’s no doubt about it. Both are involved in cross country and band, and spend a lot of family time together. “I really like being in high school with Hunter,” Madison said, “It’s fun to see him in the halls and keep an eye on him. As far as siblings go, we get along pretty well.” Madison is always looking out for Hunter. “She’s helped me by giving me advice and tips on what teachers are good to have and what hallways are most crowded”, Hunter said. She’s a loving older sister whose kindness crosses over into the other areas of her life. Recently voted on Homecoming Court, Madison showed off her school spirit by participating in the homecoming activities throughout the week. Her most famous stunt was her “leap of faith” onto the back of teacher Troy Hill at the assembly last Monday. “That obviously wasn’t planned,” Madison said, “But it was fun to get a piggy-back ride from the best teacher ever.” The Pruegers are an adorable, loving pair of siblings. Hunter is anxious about the nearing of Madison’s graduation, though. “I know that I’m going to be sad because she’s my last sister,” Hunter said, “But I try not to think about it.” Madison recently brought Hunter along for his first Band Raid last Friday, where they joined junior Emily Meese. Meese, however, left her younger brother, junior Carl Meese, at home. “I really didn’t mind not going,” Carl said, “I got a good night’s sleep instead.” The Meese siblings are similar in many ways. When they answer their home telephone, it’s difficult for the caller to distinguish between their voices. “I’ve had so many interesting conversations with [Carl’s] friends,” Emily said, “It can be very useful to sound like him.” The two share a bond similar to the Pruegers’. They spend time together watching Hallmark movies and the occasional Lifetime feature. “Emily is pretty cool and it’s a lot of fun to hang out with her,” Carl said, “It’s nice to have her for a crazy older sister.” The loving, cool, crazy older sister Emily responded, “Carl’s alright.”