Tucheze was, in fact, Tucrazay

Grinding, as you all know, has recently been banned from school dances. It’s probably because the administration doesn’t want hundreds of babies to be made, let alone at one school function. I know, I know, you are all going to miss the bumping, leaning and grabbing that usually goes on, but there is still hope for fun times at dances. This hope appeared in the form of Tucheze. DJ Max Peterson and his crew made sure that the night was full of pounding bass, kickin’ beats, cool rhymes and lots of fun. Some jams proved to be up to teacher Tim Mooney’s standards as he busted a move on the dance floor. He was then joined by Mrs. Mooney, teachers James Webb and Charles Ripley, and principal Spence Evans. Though Evans didn’t enter with “GOOOD MORNING, AMES HIGH,” he still made quite the entrance sliding onto the middle of the dance floor on his knees. There were hundreds of kids in attendance, but there was still plenty of room to party. Bobbing, jumping, shuffling, shaking, moonwalking and running man dance moves were observed as the giddy highschoolers refrained from grinding (for the most part). The night was buzzing with excitement as the bass pumped through their bones. There was even time for, that’s right, Sandstorm . The DJs spun that record so hard it woke up the elderly at Northcrest. Right before the most epic part of the song, DJ Max Peterson’s voice erupted from the speakers, reminding us that we need to party as hard as we can: “ENJOY THIS, YOU GUYS. YOU DON’T GET TO DO THIS IN COLLEGE!” Live music was performed by Ezquimeux, the rapping alter ego of senior Kris Stow, and his producer, senior Scott MacDonald, collectively known as Chaos Saints. Stow’s rhymes made the girls, and boys, swoon with desire as he laid down his smooth lines. MacDonald, accompanying on the piano and drums, showed off his multi-genre musical abilities and also threw in some rhymes alongside Stow. Ezquimeux’s performance was followed by the riveting electronic storm that is Super Robot Baby. Juniors Sam Ennis and Louis Dupuis, and senior Tom Gehring really knew how to move the crowd. They performed four fun songs, including Blue by Eiffel 65 , and Kids by MGMT, which was performed with a saxophone solo from Dupuis and a ukelele solo from Ennis. Junior Hangil Lee, bass synth player for Super Robot Baby, was not able to attend the Tucheze performance. They prerecorded his bass lines and pumped them through the speakers, which made any chance of an encore impossible. Ezquimeux and SRB did perform a collaborated song with some freestyle rapping involved, though. Overall the dance raised over $800 for SHEPH. The turnout was amazing this year, and SHEPH hopes to increase the attendance numbers even more in the future. It was an amazingly awesome time, even with the decrease of grinding and baby-making.