Local Taco Bell takes a siesta

Of the nearly ten different Mexican eateries around Ames, only one earns the title of the largest national Mexican food franchise. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the mammoth chain sells nearly 2 billion tacos and 1 billion burritos annually. In the words of its adorable once-spokesperson chihuahua: “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” Unfortunately, Ames’s beloved Taco Bell, formerly located in West Lincoln Way, is closed temporarily. Iowa State students, including Ian Herrman, an Ames High grad and a sophomore at ISU, are devastated by the temporary closure. “I ‘m heartbroken, I seriously am,” Herrman said. “I’ve only eaten there once in my life, but they gave me free stuff because they messed up my order." Tim Pearson, a senior at Iowa State, added, “It really limits the options for fast-food near campus, especially on the west side with Fighting Burrito moving and now Taco Bell.” Few Ames High students share Herrman and Pearson’s sentiments, however. Senior Grace Stephenson, a Mexican cuisine connoisseur, is not phased by Taco Bell’s disappearance. “Personally, I don’t really care,” Stephenson said. “There are much classier places in Ames to eat Mexican food. Taco Bell isn’t even Mexican.” Stephenson said she would prefer to enjoy Mexican food at La Fuente or Cazador, not Taco “Smell.” Other Ames High students had similar reactions to Taco Bell’s temporary closure. Junior Divya Navi, apparently confused by the news, said, “Wait, how do you say ‘taco’ in Spanish?” For those few Ames High students who are grieving the loss of the nationally beloved semi-Mexican franchise, there is still some good news. Taco Bell will reopen in four months at a new location on Duff Avenue. Those taco pizzas are not going anywhere. with reporting by Lucy Chen