Crush Can Tradition Continues

A longstanding tradition at Ames High has been the annual delivering of cans of Crush soda during homeroom on or around Valentine’s Day. For some this is a bright spot in an otherwise uneventful school day. “If you really have a crush, it’s cool to hand them out,” junior Calyssa Dolce said. For others, though, it is a sad day when they realize that nobody cared enough to send them a can. “Last year I got my girlfriend two boxes…but I didn’t get any,” senior Chris Stott said. Whether students look forward to the fundraiser or not, until recently the future of this beloved tradition was up in the air. With the new laws regarding the selling of sweets such as pop in schools (since everybody knows soda is why so many American children are obese), some were wondering if the fundraiser was going to happen at all this year. Following the reduction of vending machines and sudden death of bake sales, it was supposed that the Crush cans were just another thing to go away due to the new legislation. But Student Council received permission from Principal Spence Evans to continue the fundraiser, and brighten (or bring down) students’ days again this year with the acknowledgement of a secret admirer–or the crushing realization that no one cares enough to send you a small orange token of gratification. However, most students seem shocked to find out that the beloved fundraiser is happening at all. “We are doing it again this year, yay!” said Dolce. So whether you look forward all year to Valentine’s Day and the subsequent passing out of Crush cans, or you loathe the holiday all together and think that it’s created to make money off of mushy suckers, one thing is for certain: The Crush cans which for so long have been a part of this high school will remain, at least for another year.