Ames High Timeline

1866- first school in Ames is built 1871- first 8 month school year; around 50 students in the High School; no extracurricular activities. 1875- Ames High School is officially founded 1878- first class of 4 graduates 1880- tennis becomes a popular sport and is frequently played on school grounds 1881- first brick schoolhouse takes over for Hoggatt School; 6 rooms with 2 for the High School the school was built for $10,000; the building is later referred to as the “Old” Central School 1882- both boys and girls basketball teams start up 1888- select thespian group called “Shakespearean Club” begins 1892- Ames High has its smallest graduating class of 1 student named Alice Stuckslager 1900- addition to the School is approved and 4 classrooms and a large study hall are added; first football team 1901- first debate club 1908- first orchestra; first yearbook called Meteor (a one year publication) 1910- new addition is condemned and students spend the next 25 years avoiding rhythmic sounds and activities to prevent building collapse (I’m not sure about if it was 25 years before or after–the addition wasn’t on the 1919 building) 1911- new High School is built for $75,000 next to the old School. A tunnel connects the two buildings; first school newspaper 1912- first official “SPIRIT” 1914- Titanic survivor Albert Caldwell becomes principal 1915- Neta Snook graduates from Ames High 1917- Albert Caldwell leaves High School 1923- Glee club starts 1924- Glee club dies; first student council; Ames Hi Aims High is adopted 1925- Ames High Loyalty is written 1926- first mixed chorus; Carr pool is built 1927- Pep Club is founded 1928- first official “WEB”; first mixed chorus 1936- first boys’ basketball Championship 1937- increased enrollment forces “Old” Central School to be razed and a new school is built on the same site. The “New” High School had a complete auditorium, gymnasium, art room, technical shop rooms, and science labs. 1957- Football team wins the State Championship 1961- students begin to be shuttled between the “New” High School and the now current High School during the school day 1969- Ralph Farrar becomes principal 1982- Stair rails are stolen 1988- First Prom Court 1990- Ames High Alumni Association is born 1994- Farrar leaves the High School to become Assistant Superintendent 2000- Leslie Hall is elected Prom Queen 2005- Leslie Hall releases her first album 2007-New cafeteria and current circle drives are built