A little Q & A with sophomore Melissa Jones

What activities are you involved in? Chorus, Drama, Cookie Baking Club, I-bad, Speech Club, and Fashion Show. I’m a busy gurl. What do you enjoy doing the most in your free time? Getting ice cream with my gurlz. And pizza. And coffee. Describe your friends. They smell good. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? No, but I like to pretend I have imaginary friends. What vegetable do you most resemble? Sweet potato. Wait, no, broccoli. My hair looks like broccoli. Are you a "dogperson" or a "catperson"? Definitely a catperson. It’s nice when cats lick me. What is your most embarrassing moment EVER? Probably when I had a boy haircut. What is something about yourself that you think makes you unique? I have brown hair. What are you afraid of? I am afraid of thunderstorms. Oh, and boys.