Gangster life

Gangsta. by Jacob Rogers G’s are some of the most respected people in the world. They have their own little economic system, they give loans like a bank, give medical supplies like pills, and they have an armed force. The ideas that gangstas are terrible people that don’t have an education is a false accusation. From an anonymous source: “Gangsters are guys that normally just chill, have women around the crib cleanin’ their clothes and rollin’ weed up.” Yet Gangsters are respectable young men just looking to make money in this world. This so called “dealin” or selling of drugs is just how they stimulate the economy. Gangsters obviously see that our economy is going in the wrong direction so they are working hard to put us back in a good spot. When they have these so called “shoot ups” or drive by’s, this is how they keep people in their place, like cops. But gangsters get things done and don’t waste time planning; they know what needs to happen. Almost everyone wants to be known throughout the world, superstardom. These G’s are just trying to get big and make money like the rest of us. now why are we putting these people in jail when it comes down to the facts G’s and gangsters are helping us. Proving time and time again that they’re making more money than most of these kids with college degrees. misunderstanding that these g’s are people like us but sometimes in a little rougher area. Maybe they deal so they can get out the ghettos. To have the same opportunities as others is all they want.