Hill Wang

What clubs or activities are you involved in? Key Club, Sheph, Tennis, and Band Is it Wong or Wayng ? Whichever one you’d like it to be. Describe yourself in 6 words exactly. I am the coolest Asian ever. How do you like Key Club and Sheph at the high school? I don’t really volunteer much, my sister pushes me to do it. But I’m only in the clubs because my sister forces me to go. What about band? Lots of fun memories? It’s alright, but not really that exciting. I have a 70 measure solo in the next concert though! That will be fun. Vera’s fabulous. Explain why you agree. Trick question, I don’t agree with that statement. As a freshman this year, how hard is it to adapt to High School life? Not really hard, it’s pretty easy. I didn’t like middle school that much, i think high school life is a lot better. What has been your most memorable moment on tennis team? Winning a big super-tiebreaker with Alfred Tang and hitting the winning shot. How long will it be until you’re on varsity? Don’t be modest. Probably when I’m a junior or senior and everyone else good leaves. What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t in school or smashing tennis forehands? I like to go on the Internet. But not Starcraft. I’ve never played Starcraft.