Critical people keep on hatin’

I have an issue with critical people. Seriously guys, either stop sippin’ the Haterade or take it somewhere else. Being critical can be good in some very exclusive cases, such as in English class when you use “constructive criticism” to edit papers. But there is an extremely thin line between being “constructively critical” and straight up critical, and I hate to break it to you but being straight up critical does not fly with a lot of people, including myself. Example: I would consider myself a decent driver. Some critical people think that girls are poor drivers, and some especially critical people (mostly those that consider themselves my friends) seem to enjoy hating on my skills. Rather than complimenting me on my sharp turning maneuvers, my flawless weaving in and out of traffic, and my keen eye for authority figures, they instead focus on the negatives, reminding me of that one time when I “didn’t notice the Cy-Ride bus” or “just happened to crash into an emergency snow route sign and break it in half”. Harsh, right? I just don’t get why people feel the need to be so critical. Seriously, get off my back bro. Now, I understand that we all get carried away and catch ourselves judging every now and then. Just today, I was sitting in the computer lab, typing a paper when I saw my peer and fellow WEB colleague Anuradha Gore gazing intently at a photo of a deer staring into a drugstore on Needless to say, I was judging. But then, I opened a new tab and ventured onto reddit myself, and was shocked to find a glorious new universe full of laughable distractions from school that had me ROFL’ing in seconds. I am no longer critical. So there was clearly a lesson behind the whole reddit story; if you find yourself becoming one of those dreaded critical people, CHANGE IT! Don’t just sit around hating on everyone and everything, take the extra step and learn a little bit about what you are being so judgemental about. Who knows, maybe you’ll even like it. At least you won’t be so critical anymore.