ID restrictions create problems

ID Restrictions Jacob Rogers ID restrictions are clearly a big deal this year, and the idea of taking away the ID is a problem in more ways than one. How am I supposed to get into the water polo games through the semi-permeable membrane if I’m missing that little piece of plastic with my activity pass on it? Yes, of course I would love to go to the games, Spence, but I am 70 percent water, and apparently 70 percent is not good enough. Sure, I see how this will make kids want to hydrate better, so they can have the great privileges of leaving this water bottle of a school, but should that be taken to the point of where you take my ID? Personally, I have not lost my ID, but I can understand the pain of not having it. Without it we also run into the problem of how can I check out library books without water damaging them. This will prove to be a feat to accomplish. Now with the lunch room allowing you to use your card to do a quick scan and get out. How swell! Oh no, I lost my ID because of bad grades; will I be that kid that holds the lunch line up? There are rumors of there being a card reader (or purifier) at the front door. If this occurs it could run into a build-up at the door for students to get out. They already have us going out one set of doors, which although according to the mass flow rate (m= density*Cross-sectional area*velocity) would mean that the speed of the characters would be faster compared to using two sets of doors, the reality is it’s a huge jam. I just see flaws in this system and hopefully they will realize that this will not stop students from leaving because they cannot have bodyguards at all the exits. Let’s be honest here.