Eli Bratsch-Prince

Freshman Band, Freshman Choir, Jazz Band 3, Ultimate Frisbee What is your favorite part of being in your band, Trigger-Fish? The practice. We’re just laid-back, and we fool around a lot. What was your best freshman experience so far? I had a blast going to Urbandale with Parallel and beating the home team. Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get ripped, but not willing to do swimming? Play ultimate. Do you identify yourself as more of a jock or a studying monster? Neither. I’m more of a band-nerd. I really enjoy band and chorus. Twilight or Eragon ? Eragon all the way. What is your favorite Chinese restaurant in Ames, and why does Golden Wok taste like trash? Mandarin. I don’t know what the Golden Wok is? What are you most excited about for the rest of your freshman year? Band trip. Describe the school’s cafeteria in five words. Greasy, packed, unsanitary, lukewarm, chaotic. How do you plan on padding your resume this year? My mom wants me to be involved with either SHEPH or Key Club. How can you prove you love your brother, Josh, more than I do? I’m not a fan.