Barclays Premier League

Barclays Premiere League Breakdown Most of you at Ames High will probably have no idea what’s going on in this article. I mean, Arsenal? That’s like a bunch of weapons, right? Actually, no. For those of you who do know what Arsenal is, along with Manchester United, (that’s ringing a bell, right?) Tottenham and Liverpool to name a few, start spreading it around- it’s awesome! For those of you who don’t- listen up. The English Premier League is the top professional English soccer division, comparable to Seria A in Italy and La Liga in Spain. It has been the center of English life for many years, and more Americans need to start watching soccer. Any Yanks out here love soccer, but think that somehow, the MLS isn’t cutting it? I mean, the MLS is great and all, spreading soccer to the U.S. and all that, but sometimes you just need good old proper soccer to watch. The Premier League has a long and industrious history, full of some of the biggest names in soccer. Since it’s founding in 1888, (formerly the Football League) Barclays Premier League has since become the world`s most watched football association with aggregate revenues of £1.981 billion for 2008-09 season. It is ranked by UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) ahead of Spain`s La Liga and Italy`s Seria A in terms of UEFA coefficients for competitions performance. Of course, even at Ames High there are still some Premier league fanatics around. Sophomore Tomas Lence says, “The Premier League is pretty fun to watch even if Messi doesnt play in the League.” Some people however, feel the need to move onto ‘bigger and better’ things. “Barclays? Um, the Scottish league is where it’s at these days,” snaps junior Paul Jasper. Regardless, Barclays, La Liga, Seria A- let’s just get some love for international soccer here! So get interested, soccer fans! No more apathetic soccer-watching! I want to hear vuvuzelas buzzing in every household come Saturday and Sunday morning League games!