Levi Peterson: Movie Making and Mohawk Shaving

Why don’t you still have a mohawk? Why don’t you, per se? Who is your favorite tacher? Mr. Cogdill. It’s really funny seeing him in short shorts. Word on the street is that you’re making a movie for the film festival. Can we get a sneak preview? Yeah. We had Spence tell the janitors not to mess with us, and then we filmed a tent falling off the balcony into the back lobby. We did some skateboarding through the hallways, too. If you could play a game of chess with anyone in the world, who would it be? I would play my friend Jens. I played him once, and he was pretty bad. I feel neat when I win. What kind of shoes do you wear, and why? You see, I wear Nikes. They’re a little bit more comfortable than the other brands. They’re also very stylish, and the ones I’m wearing are blue. That’s one of my top five favorites colors. Do you like my glasses? What would you improve about the iPod? I’d probably add some more general “quality”. It’d also be nice it could wash my clothes for me. I don’t like doing that. Are you a fan of dubstep? Why not? I’m a fan of the “wub-wubs,” and the “wah-wah-wahs” are pretty cool, too. If you could eat only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Corn Pops. I’d basically pour them in a bowl with some milk and then take out a spoon and eat them.