Cat Fancy twitter entertains all

Lurking within the depths of Twitter is a feisty feline sharpening its claws, ready to take over the universe. “Not Cat Fancy”, known by its Twitter domain @FakeCat_Fancy, began its world domination by first taking the name of internationally known Cat Fancy magazine. However, followers soon began to realize that they were receiving tweets from a poser when dark, cynical messages about scarves made of writhing kittens, cats having affairs, and felines taking over mankind began to litter their newsfeeds. Apparently so did Cat Fancy Magazine. Editor of this prized American establishment Susan Logan released a statement regarding these sinister tweets, reporting that the magazine had no connection whatsoever with the cat-obsessed mastermind, and they were less than a-meow-sed by the creepy posts. Fortunately, Logan and @MaybeNotSteve, the creator of the Twitter page quickly resolved the issue and the tweets continued scurrying out like mice to over 4,000 hungry followers. For students who have a deep passion for cats, or simply enjoy stroking their silky fur every now and then, @FakeCat_Fancy will keep them on their toes with some fancatstic surprises. However, it is not for the faint of heart. Students must also remember while reading that although some of the ideas suggested, such as “How many cats can u fit in your mouth?” may seem tempting, they are not to be taken literally. Kittens are friends, not food. Whether you fancy cats or find them creepy, @FakeCat_Fancy is sure to provide entertainment for anyone who follows.