Where has all the dancing gone?

At prom a week or two ago, I discovered a startling and unsettling trend. Save for one couple, (which included a Web editor) students did not actually dance. Instead, students, myself included, stood around in many small circle like groupings and swayed to the nonexistent beat of the dub-step that was playing. I couldn’t help but imagine, whilst swaying, what prom would have looked like in some past decade like the 50s, where people actually danced. Yes, it was a different time and place, but they at least knew how to dance, real dances like the jitterbug, the twist, and even waltzes. I can’t help but think that I would gladly give up some of my modern day women’s rights in exchange for someone to actually dance with me, at least for one night. I mean, I would gladly go make a “sammich” for whomever asked me to dance a waltz, or bake a dozen cookies in exchange for a night of square dancing. Call me old fashioned, or what have you, but I at least think the world would be a little bit better, and a little bit happier if everyone put on some dancing shoes.