The Decline of Hollywood

As teenagers, many of us consider movies to be a significant part of our lives. Every time we see a premiere, we line up outside theatres, unable to wait the next day to watch it. But why are we so obsessed with Hollywood films, and why do we keep coming back for more? There is no room to say “originality” is dead, but originality in the Hollywood film industry is breathing its last breath. There are no new scripts being created, but merely thousands of copies of “feel-good” movies. Hollywood has run out of ideas, and they are recycling old ones by producing remakes of old movies, of fiction and comic books, and sequels. Movies are even being put back in theatres, the only difference being that they’re in 3D. They all begin and end the same, the protagonist desiring something, encountering an obstacle, trying to win back the girl, etc. For this supply, there obviously has to be a demand. The fat cats with big wallets behind Hollywood cater to the largest group of viewers, instead of the creativity a director has to offer. The movies produced by Hollywood seem like they are only there for the sole reason of making money. There are alternatives to Hollywood of course, such as independent movies and foreign films. Generally, they contain more substance, there is a unique story behind them, and the plotline isn’t predictable from the first fifteen minutes of watching. A lot of independent films don’t use as many special effects; they rely more on the story itself to be entertaining to its viewer. Movies like Trainspotting , Snatch , Fear and Loathing , Rushmore , and Inglorious Basterds provide action with an uncommon story behind it. The overall pace of movies like these are not similar to each other because of the different stories they entail. Don’t get me wrong, after a long weekend, I want to watch something stupid and artistically unmotivated, but I would like to have the option of watching a movie that has some sort of impact on me, or at the least one that has an interesting and creative plot line. Because after all, movies are poetry in motion, and in that sense, Hollywood is handicapped.