3D Movies need to stop

I remember the first time I saw a 3D movie. I was seven years old and I was really into the Spy Kids movies. When I heard of the release of Spy Kids 3: Game Over, I almost pooped my pants from excitement. Then, I saw that oh so familiar tag on the side, “available in 3D.” Being only seven years old, I wasn’t completely sure what that meant. So when I arrived at the movie, I was surprised to find out that I needed to wear glasses. When a 3D part was coming up, the movie would signal the audience to put on their special glasses. I was amazed to see things flying at me. Unfortunately, my mom would not allow me to see many 3D movies because they were expensive to watch and hurt my eyes. At first I was really angry and sad, but in hindsight, it was a great decision. 3D MOVIES SUCK. 3D movies don’t just suck because of ticket prices and the headaches they give you. Movies are labeled 3D by the people who made it because they know it was bad. This is what I imagine Michael Bay saying when talking about his next movie. “For my next movie, let’s NOT think of something new and original, but instead, make a ANOTHER Transformers movie! This time with a new sexy lady! MORE EXPLOSIONS! MORE SLOW MOTION TRANSFORMATIONS WHERE YOU CAN’T TELL WHAT’S GOING ON!” If a movie is going to be 3D, it should at least have a creative story. It shouldn’t be made just for the effects. Avatar, by James Cameron, was able to bring out the best in 3D. It had a rich story, and it didn’t try to bombard me with flying objects. Movies need to take on a more elegant role. It can’t just be used to show off special effects. A message to all directors, tone down the 3D!