New Math Teacher at Ames High

1.What are you teaching at Ames High? I teach Algebra 1 and Geometry 2..What is your favorite school-related pickup line? I’ve got some math ones that are kind of lame: "Are you the square root of 2? Because I’m irrational whenever I’m around you." Or "I need some answers for my math homework…quick, what’s your number?" 4.What are your goals for the year? Honestly – just to survive my first year back in the classroom. ‘m going to make mistakes, the students are going to make mistakes, but we’re all in it together – so a goal is to foster that type of math environment where we are all learning from one another. I love my classes – but I’m exhausted at the end of the day. I might sleep all summer next year. 5.What do you think makes Ames different from other districts? The collaboration amongst the staff is more than any I’ve experienced. It’s so good to know I have other math teachers I can go to for questions, other teachers in the building for general questions, and an administration that has my back. 6.What makes your teaching stand out? I have to have variety in my basement, windowless classroom – otherwise I will get bored. And if I’m bored, I know the students are. 7.What do you enjoy most about Ames High? I like the color orange. So having orange and black as school colors is definitely a plus. And everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. I am loving every aspect of AHS. 8.What’s one interesting thing that your students should know about you? This is the hardest question – I of course think everything is interesting – while I’m sure most students think I’m probably boring. But I have 3 bracelets soldered onto my left wrist that were made from family gold. They don’t come off and most of the time I forget that I’m even wearing them. 9.If you could be a tropical animal, which would it be? I think I’d be Dory from Finding Nemo – she has such a faith in others and a great positive attitude. That and Ellen Degeneres is a favorite celebrity of mine!!