Homecoming 2012: Tropical Paradise

Out of all of the school events that occur each year, few are as memorable to students as homecoming week. With the wide variety of activities ranging from the Monday night parade to the dance at the end of the week, there are opportunities for every student to become involved. With this year’s tropical theme, there were several new spins taken on old traditions, with especially creative ideas on all of the themed days throughout the week. The Homecoming festivities began the morning of September 10, as sleep-deprived students filed into the gym and awaited the official announcement of the homecoming court. “Homecoming really starts the Friday the week before, with Wake Up committee, but the Monday morning pep rally is also a great tradition,” said homecoming Co-Chair Gabby Brewer. “The Kick off assembly, and parade afterwards are always fun ways to begin the week because everyone is so involved!” After the lucky twelve were introduced and the kick off activities ended, the students returned back to their typical classes. Later that day, however, the excitement returned when Ames students families gathered in downtown Ames to watch the annual parade. The members of the homecoming court rode by in their elaborate convertibles, and the marching band went by playing Ames High Loyalty. Although there was no Bandshell dance this year, the parade was still a great time for AHS students and the community alike. The week continued on with many old and new activities alike. “This year we brought back the grill out,” said Brewer. “It was really a fun way for students to socialize, have hot dogs, and get ready for a good time!” In addition to the grill out, the school TPing and following pancake breakfast attracted many students. Plans for Friday the Friday game and Saturday dance look promising as well. “This year the goal is to support both our football team AND our school on Friday,” said Brewer. With the tropical theme, the dance promises to appeal to the entire student body at Ames High. “Our focus this year has been to pick a theme that everyone will get excited about, and I think we have really accomplished that!”