Munch Bunch Lights Up Vesuvius

As the next saga of our tireless pursuit of fine cuisine, The Munch Bunch lit up Vesuvius on October 14th. Distinguished for cooking their pizzas with a wood fire oven that reaches over 800 F, Vesuvius produces a pizza unlike any other. “Quick. Casual. Addictive.” Those three adjectives comprise the motto Vesuvius aims to meet, and meet that motto it does. Walking in, the munch bunch met a bright and welcoming interior. Light alternative music accompanied the modern design to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for eating. Our reviewers ordered from a menu of twenty 10 inch custom pizzas ranging from a standard pepperoni and sausage to a delectable three-cheese chicken alfredo pizza. Our service was extremely prompt; every member had his/her food within ten minutes of ordering. As for the addictive part of their motto, there was a unanimous consensus that the food was delicious. “Eating the pizza was an explosion of flavor and goodness in my mouth,” senior Marios Tringides said. “The only bad times were the time right before I started eating and the time right after I finished.” Although the ingredients are top notch and the tastes are amazing, the food is quite pricey for the quantity. A 10 inch pizza runs about 9-10 dollars, and many Munch Bunch members found themselves craving for more. “I had a pizza with prosciutto, onions, and fresh basil,” Junior Maddie Topf said. “It was great and all, but I felt that there was an uneven distribution of all the ingredients.” I myself was left somewhat dissatisfied following consumption of my pizza. The price dissuaded me from purchasing another as well, so I simply left my hunger unsatiated. An option for a slightly larger pizza would go a long ways. Currently, for reasons unknown, the only size option is 10 inches. Different sizes could make a difference in attracting back customers who were happy with the taste but less than pleased with the size and pricing options. Despite the novel idea and great taste, there was a noticeable dearth of patrons during a prime lunch hour. The restaurant was a deserted save for one couple, leaving a depressingly large number of empty chairs. It is sad to see such tasty food being missed out on by so many people who either don’t know about Vesuvius or had never thought to go. The amazing taste and quick service greatly outweigh the somewhat high price and small portions. The Munch Bunch throws their support behind Vesuvius at a prestigious 4.5 out of 5 Trees.