Spencer Oh

What classes are you taking this semester? Economics, Honors Calculus 3, AP Chem, AP Lit, and Spanish 4. What clubs and sports are you involved in? Varsity Hockey, Ames High Econ Poli Sci club, NHS Where are you hoping to go to college/what are you hoping to study? Northwestern, Economics/Computer Science/Video Games If you could be any pokemon….? Pikachu Obviously SC or LoL? SC when my opponent doesn’t scout the proxy 2 gate, LoL otherwise Who’s your favorite underclassman? Forrest <3 What do you do in your free time? Waste time on reddit. What’s your favorite TV show? Suits and the new show called Revolution is pretty good Your political views? Fiscally conservative, socially libertarian How much can you bench? 190 Who’s your favorite teacher? All of them