The Newest Fashion Trend: Not Caring About Trends

Well, it’s winter. Supposedly. On any given day, people walk the halls in a vast array of clothing. Shorts, pants, snowpants… That may be an exaggeration, but a slight one. Since the weather can’t seem to make up its mind about whether the seasons have changed, wardrobes are melting into one giant mess of varying degrees of warmth. For some, this makes getting ready in the morning very difficult. How warm is it? Do I need to wear leggings, or can I just wear a skirt? WHAT DO I DO?! Fortunately, I have found a solution: quit caring. For some, wearing sweatpants is a sign of giving up, being extremely tired, or sick. However, sweatpants are probably the greatest thing to ever grace my legs. I figured out that what I wear affects nothing about myself except my appearance, and since I have no one to impress, why not just wear them EVERY DAY? Admittedly, I love makeup, dressing pretty, and all that, but just not early in the morning. So, Wednesdays are a great day for me (when I sleep enough) because I can get up at 7:30 and still look “good”! If you’re one of those people that wears jeans every day, applies your whole face, then complains about being tires, I suggest you take all the time getting ready and sleep. Let’s be honest, this is school, not a runway. No one cares how you look, but your teachers are going to care when your beautifully made up face is smearing on the table as you sleep during class.