Corinna Martzahl-Keen

Corinna Keen is a senior. She is involved “wherever the wind blows her, which tends to be all the nasty clubs.” What would YOU do in the spirit of Christmas? Burn a tree. What’s your sign? The finger, followed by halla – feminist style. Where’s the fridge? Café Northwest, opa! Where would you take a dreamboat hunk out for a night on the town? A lesbian film festival. What celebrity do you look like? Sean Penn. Are your features ethnic? Stop. Are your features tribal? Tribe of Reuben. Are your features Latvian? I don’t look like a horse. How close did you come to winning McDonalds Monopoly? One piece from every category. #dreamteamswag Who’s your favorite teacher? Whitehead, Brekke, and Uetz. What’s the most dangerous location in the school? The entire thing. Public education is lethal. It corrupts minds and stretches the importance of conformity. Or the boiler room, don’t go in there. What color are your eyes? The color that you wish yours were, Naomi. Can you drive? You better check yourself with these questions, or else that baby blue toyota is going to feel the pain.